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     The upholstery cleaning done by Cleaning Services Wanstead turned out simply fabulous. I will most definitely be using their cleaning services again, especially with how low their rates are when compared to the other cleaning services.
Jolene P.21/05/2020
     I have used them for quite a long time now and they are always terrific. Best cleaning company ever.
     No complaints from me. Wanstead Cleaning Carpet somehow manage to keep my pet filled house looking fabulous, so I am very very grateful to their cleaners.
Sybil Towers30/03/2018
     I've tried a lot of unprofessional or overpriced cleaning companies over the years, so to save you all that trouble I'll recommend Cleaning Services Wanstead straight away. Believe it or not, I was getting more from this company than my last choice for a much lower price! I could tell straight after calling them that they run a tight ship, and when the cleaners came over I could see that they're given only the best materials. All my jobs have been done ahead of time, with great customer service throughout every process. Thanks guys!
Selina F.21/12/2015
      WansteadCarpetCleaners provided an excellent end of tenancy clean. The staff handled all the cleaning chores necessary, such as polishing, vacuuming, dusting and even stain removal. They worked fast and ensured that the building was ready for the next owners. I left the house happy and I know they can help you with your moving out cleaning too.
Zach Roberts27/05/2015

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